Petra Nemcova Top Fashion Model and Supermodel
Name : Petra Nemcova
Birth Place: Karvina, Czechoslovakia
Birth Date: June 24, 1979
Height: 5' 10"
Occupation: Fashion Model
Stats: 34.5-24.5-34
Petra Nemcova Top Fashion Model and Supermodel
Most of you know Petra Nemcova from her Sports Illustrated Photo shoots. Petra won the opportunity to model "swimsuits" for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue in 2002, which was her second appearance in the magazine, She was the cover model for the 2003 Swimsuit Issue. Since that defining moment, Petra has taken the modeling world by storm. Nemcova has been a cover model for Elle, Harper's Bazaar and other magazines, and has appeared in ads for Cartier and Victoria's Secret. Being born and raised in Karvina, in the Czech Republic, has given here the nickname of "Czech Chick".

Petra Nemcova Top Fashion Model and Supermodel

Atlee was killed, and Nemcova suffered a broken pelvis and serious internal injuries, but managed to hold onto the top of a palm tree, reportedly for eight hours, until she was rescued and airlifted to an island hospital nearby. Her first interview after her near-death experience was with Diane Sawyer on ABC's Primetime Live, on March 9, 2005. Not for a modeling gig or print ad shoot, but for charity purposes. Ain't that super nice of Petra Nemcova?
The gorgeous model went with Wyclef Jean, who is well-known for helping out his native land Haiti, an impoverished Caribbean island. The two celebrity philanthropists were there to work on a restaurant project being initiated by Wyclef's charity group Yele Haiti. The restaurant will be a boost to the local economy as it will employ fifteen women, and will give the townies a wholesome place to hang out. The singer also toured Petra Nemcova in his former play grounds, and the site of a computer lab that had been set up by his charity too. Says Wyclef, "If you want to change a country, unfortunately you're not going to be able to help eight million people at one time. But if you can get one or two or three and start to make that change, that will make the difference." Below is the picture of Petra Nemcova and Wyclef in the aforementioned computer lab spending time with the local kids.
Petra Nemcova Top Fashion Model and Supermodel

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were all over the news when they attended the annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative. But do you know that they’re not the only celebrities there? Jessica Biel, Mary Louise Parker and the gorgeous Petra Nemcova also attended the same event in New York from September 26 to 28, albeit with lesser media coverage. Below is the photo (left) of the exquisite Petra Nemcova during her arrival in the opening night reception of the conference at the Museum of Modern Art. In other Petra Nemcova news, the stunning model was last seen promoting a champagne. Not just any champagne, mind you, but a classy one that regular guys can’t afford. So sorry to mention that, lol! The said drink is the new gold bottle of champagne of Moet & Chandon, and of course, James Blunt’s ex-lover wore a sparkling gold and silver dress at the drink’s launch in Madrid. Here she is (right photo) looking glamorous while offering you a drink of the pricey gold champagne. Mmm good!
Petra Nemcova, is one of the most beautiful models of all time. She was found in her home country of Czech Republic by a modeling scout as a teenager, and the rest is history. nemcova has graced the cover of hundreds of magazines, done thousands of photo shoots, and advertised dozens of products. She did a number of modeling jobs before she got a chance to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Magazine in 2002 and then again in 2003. Since then, she has skyrocketed to modeling superstardom and has become one of the best known models in the world.

Petra Nemcova Top Fashion Model and Supermodel
She made her first American Television performance on the Late Late Show with Craig Kiborn on CBS before the 2003 SI Swimsuit Issue. (Kilborn predicted that Nemcova would make the 2003 swimsuit issue and was correct.) Nemcova stands at 5' 8" with brown hair and blue eyes and a gorgeous face and physique. Although, she has more fame then most people can ever imagine, those who know her best say that she is a very down to earth and normal person. She does not let all of the fame and fortune she has get to her head. In fact, she considers herself lucky to be alive. Nemcova was in South East Asia when the devastating Tsunami that claimed thousands of lives hit the area. Her vacation home on the beach was destroyed and she was forced to cling to a tree for almost eight hours through 50 mph winds, while waves crashed around her. At the time, she was vacationing with her boyfriend, Simon Atlee, a British Fashion photographer, on the Khao Lak beach. Unfortunately, Atlee has not been seen since the tsunami and he was most likely killed and washed out to sea.

Petra Nemcova Top Fashion Model and Supermodel
Apart from appearing in the SI Swimsuit Edition magazine, Nemcova has also been featured in Elle, Madame Figaro, and Stuff Magazine. She is truly a role model and a classy act.


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