Raunchy Calvin Klein ads catapulted Kate Moss to extreme stardom with a very recognizable profile, to say the least. She continues to model and has also taken up occasional acting. [askmen]

Supermodel Kate MossSupermodel Kate Moss

Kate Moss sexy modelKate Moss sexy model

Kate Moss, who has become one of the most recognized and highest paid supermodels to emerge from the '90s, was born in Croydon, Surrey, England, on January 16, 1974. Kate's entry into the fashion industry all started in 1988, when she and her family were in JFK Airport on their way back from a vacation in the Bahamas. The then 14-year-old Kate caught the eye of Sarah Ducas of Storm Agency, who approached her. This chance encounter was the launching pad of Kate's hugely successful career.

Kate Moss British supermodelKate Moss British supermodel

British supermodel Kate Moss is at the centre of a health riddle after she was pictured with a swollen lump on her wrist.

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