Dita Von Teese is a Playboy legend, with dozens of appearances in Hugh Hefner's magazine. Her unique taste and affinity for old-style lingerie are hard to ignore and, consequently, she has cultivated a huge following on the Internet and is in demand for several high-class gentleman's functions. [askmen]

Dita Von Teese sexy pictureDita Von Teese sexy picture

Embodying the likes of burlesque performers like Lili St. Cyr and Sally Rand, Dita Von Teese really is a throwback beauty. By pushing the fantasy with elaborate outfits, hip-swaying dance numbers and nude pictorials that show off ivory skin and a large bust, she doesn't need to prove why she is at the top.

Dita Von Teese hot photoDita Von Teese hot photo

Dita Von Teese's most impressive works come in the form of print and live performances. From 1997 onward, Playboy featured her in over 30 issues and, in December 2002, she finally made it onto the magazine's front cover.

Dita Von Teese sexy womanDita Von Teese sexy woman

Dita Von TeeseDita Von Teese

The headlines focusing on Dita Von Teese were not limited to her kinky shows; her then-romance with goth-rocker Marilyn Manson made for great tabloid fodder and further propelled Dita into the spotlight, helping her performances sell out whether they're in Las Vegas, Los Angeles or New York.

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