While many women's sexiness quotients may be based in part on their intelligence or fashion sense, very few achieve praise on raw looks alone. This Roman goddess qualifies as one of those rare breeds. Federica Ridolfi's one-in-a-billion body should be made a national treasure in her homeland, and it makes us want to subscribe to Italian TV just to be able to see her move it. [askmen]

Federica Ridolfi Sexy Italian WomanFederica Ridolfi Sexy Italian Woman

Known as “la super Miss della serie A” in her native Italy, Federica Ridolfi is most famous for her regular appearances on Quelli che... il calcio and Quelli che... aspettano during the 2005-2006 football season.

Federica Ridolfi Hot PhotoFederica Ridolfi Hot Photo

Sexy Federica RidolfiSexy Federica Ridolfi

She's also been featured in minor roles in the made-for-television productions La Casa delle beffe (2000) and La Palestra (2003), and has been profiled in Italian men's magazines like Max Magazine.

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