Dexigner is the leading online portal for designers, main company located on New York. They are offering many of new fashion design for 2010 from H&M's spring collection. The fashion style are Ethnic influences from all over the world, old Hollywood fashion classics and college styles.

They have modern style includes cool white suits and feminine draped dresses that give both softness and strength. The women when they are wearing these new fashion design will look like luxurious gold lame add dramatic glamour. It's a romantic vintage style dresses and artist's style tunics offer a preppy and retro 'chic housewife' look.

Dexiner store also provide new fashion model for men, Classic Menswear. A fashion design which give you narrow, relaxed and comfortable, draped or softly voluminous for the next season 2010.

Most of new fashion design's product made from Cotton, silk, transparent fabrics, jersey, viscose, chambray, organic and recycled materials. There are variate of colour such as White, blue, beige and grey, leather colours, watercolour shades, rich spicy tones and neon brights.

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