The actress is almost unrecognizable without her signature red carpet hair and makeup.
Behold the power of make-up! We spotted Sofia, a natural blonde (really!), on set in New York filming "New Year's Eve," looking almost unrecognizable.  Without her signature voluminous locks, sunkissed skin and vampy make-up, we had to do a triple-take! Her long locks were uncharacteristically dull and flat, and her skin appeared to be WAY fairer than usual.  And her on-set look (a cutesy ponytail and flirty make-up) is different for her. The verdict? Miss Vergara's beauty knows no boundaries.

 "New Year's Eve" is the hotly-anticipated sequel to Garry Marshall's "Valentine's Day" and also stars Katherine Heigl, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jessica Biel, Ashton Kutcher, and Robert De Niro, among others. With this all-star cast, it's sure to be a hit---but Sofia's the one we can't wait to catch.  If her acting chops are anything like that on "Modern Family," we're all in for quite the treat!

Source : Yahoo

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