If you have been paying attention to current trends and the latest hairstyles you've probably noticed famous actresses and other celebrities inspire that most of them. She also inspired several pixie cuts after her appearance in Rosemary's Baby.
If you're looking for a celebrity hairstyle that has experiences monumental longevity, consider the "Rachel" hairstyle worn by Jennifer Anniston in 1996. Christina Aguilera is another star that uses plenty of retro inspired hairstyles and keeps her locks bleached extremely white.
If you loved the looks of the 60's you'll be glad to know that they are also making a comeback. More celebrities wearing the tousled long locks that hippies were famous for are Michelle Pfeiffer and Patricia Arquette.
With the recent release of Marie Antoinette on the big screen it should come as no surprise if the stunning and complicated hairstyles worn by Kirsten Dunst begin making their ways to salons and parties in your area.

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