China International Fashion Week opens next week. Designers are fully immersed in choosing the models for their big shows. About a hundred new faces are expected to appear on the Beijing runway.Over three hundred male models from 28 agencies turned up at the audition for this year's China International Fashion Week. 60 survived the selection process. But designers still complain of a scarcity of well-trained male models.

Competition among female models is even more fierce. Many new comers came from afar, in hopes of establishing their careers on this international platform.

This year many hopeful came from outside China.Wu Song, vice manager of "Models' Line" Agency Company, said, "It is cut-throat competition. If 30 models are needed, hundreds come for the audition."

Experts also note that China's booming fashion industry is contributing to fierce international competition in the model industry.

The 2008 China International Fashion Week kicks off next Tuesday at the Beijing Hotel.

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