Todays Featured Swimsuit Model on Finditt Ashley Barber of Scottsdale Arizona USA

Ashley Barber is the featured Swimsuit model on Finditt February 13th, 2008.

Finditt features a model each day. While on the Model of the day feature, you can check the model’s bio, as well as scroll through her photo gallery. Each picture in the gallery can be enlarged with the simple click of a button and each photo can be rated on a scale from 1-10.

Without clicking the forward button after each picture, you can set a slideshow that will rotate photos every three, five or nine seconds, depending on what speed you want to see.

Visitors can share the model of the day, by e-mailing her profile to a friend with a simple click. You can also communicate with the model of the day via email or you can live video chat with her.

After you have utilized every feature on her profile, you can preview tomorrow’s girl. You can also look at the Models of the Day for the past five days to catch up if you missed it.

Source : Finditt, Inc

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