Celebrity Total Makeover - Rihanna, Neve Campbell


Celebrities seem to always be changing their styles. When we say style, we’re talking about everything. Celebrities sport new clothing styles around all the time and this is something they’re really good at. Another style that is changing all the time on celebrities is their hair.

Take Rihanna for instance, she took a major change to her hair – changing it from long to totally short.


Then you have Neve Campbell who had all of her long locks cut off to expose a boyish haircut.

Neve Campbell

We’re not saying that haircut doesn’t look good on her. If you have noticed, a lot of celebrities are starting to cut their hair off to have that look and it really changes how they look. It is funny how just changing your hair by cutting it can give you a celebrity total makeover.

If you want to jump in with the crowd and do what the celebrities have been doing and get you a celebrity total makeover, then you would start with the hair.

Just because the celebrities are starting to cut their hair into bob haircuts does not mean you should do that to get the celebrity total makeover. In fact, if you don’t want to cut your hair, that is fine. You could always get a perm put in your hair, that will make it look different. Then you will want to focus on your wardrobe.

There are tons of new styles that have surfaced today that we believe you will like. In the end, you will want to try out new makeup to get that celebrity total makeover look.

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