Angelina Jolie

Here are some pictures of famous person with and withouth make-up.
Some of them do not look attractive, if we can say so. But if you focus on their skin, you will see lots of irregularity, wrinkles and unhealthy skin.

Selma Hayek

Paris Hilton

Renée Zellweger

Britney Spears

Some are seen as charming even without make-up. Unfortunately for some we can not say so, and it is better they have a bunch of make-up.

Katie Holmes

Gwyneth Paltrow

Cristina Aguilera

But if we are honest, we can say that look is only a "facade" and do not change the personality.

Eva Mendes

Eva Longoria

It is also truth that everybody often feel better and satisfied when are good looking, here make-up is certainly in the first place.

Carmen Electra

Jodie Marsh

Julija Roberts

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