Milinka Mikaela Radisic - in Action

Milinka Mikaela Radisic indeed was one of the Indonesian women who must be pointed out the thumb. In undertaking her profession as a person of DJ (the disc jockey), this woman indeed had not surrendered and always discipline in her life.The complete name: Milinka Mikaela Radisic
The place/the date of birth: Jakarta, on November 10 1978
The colour of pleasure: Black, red, and white
The favourite film: Serendipity The achievement:
- Best Rookie DJ 2006 – Paranoia Award
- Best Junior DJ 2007- Redma Award
- Best Female DJ 2007- Redma Award
- the Finalist the Indonesian Daughter 2004
- The Only One of DJ from Asia that took part in participating in Street Parade 2008, in
Zurich,Switzerland .

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