Dear readers of sport&beauty. Today’s post is dedicated to one of the most desirable women in the world. She started working as a page-three girl in the British tabloid “The Sun” and since then she’s pursued a career in modeling and advertising. I don’t know why British tabloids hide these girls in page three instead of displaying them in the cover. Perhaps you’ve already guessed that today’s post is going to be about the British stunner Keeely Hazell. She’s not bad, isn’t she?

Pon fotos sin limite en GRATIS!!!

Keeley Rebecca Hazell was born on the 18th of September 1986 in Lewisham in the outskirts of London. Her mother, Amber, worked as a dinner lady and her father, Roy, worked as a blind repairer. Keeley has two sisters Roxanne and Georgia. Keeley Hazell grew up in Grove Park and went to Ravensbourne school in Bromley. She was not brilliant a student and frequently played truant. She has admitted that during her secondary education she only took five exams as she was sent off while taking the rest of them. Nevertheless she seemed to be very good at Maths and English language. What about French??? I have to admit that I like her a lot. Let’s go on. When she was only 16 Keeley dropped out of school to work as a hairdresser although her real calling was to become a model and a page- three girl and pose half naked for the main British tabloids such as “The Daily Star” & “The Sun”. Her former Arts teacher tried to discourage her telling that she had little breast but she refused to be dismayed when she started to check that her boobs were growing unstoppably. She had somebody take her some pictures and sent them to a contest organized by “The Daily Star” to choose “the girl of the beach”.


Keeley won the contest and although she was keen on leaving her job at the hairdresser’s it was still too soon for her to work as a model. She was too young and only 168 centimeters high to work as a catwalk model. When she turned 18 her boyfriend took her some more pictures and sent them to another contest sponsored by “The Sun” to chose page-three girls. No wonder that Keeley won this new contest and got the price consisting of 10000₤ worth of clothing and a one-year contract with “The Sun”. All of a sudden Keeley became a fast rising star and sculptor Leigh Heppell made three bronze sculptures of her impressive bust. She’s also appeared in a number of magazines for men including Maxim, FHM, Loaded, Nuts y Zoo although she refused and offer to pose for Playboy on the grounds that she wouldn’t feel comfortable if she made it. However, Keeley went on posing for “The Sun” appearing in the 2006 calendar published by the tabloid. Although she’s not very good at driving cars she is the spokesperson of PlayStation’s Formula 1 games. In 2008 Keeley launched her own calendar and posed for Zoo and FHM. She also grabbed a little role in the British film “Cashback” (2006) and launched her first music video a song titled “Voyeur”. Nowadays Keeley is considered as one of the most desirable women in the World. In 2007 she was ranked number 2 by FHM on the list of the women and number 13 by in its Top 99. Keeley is also a militant environmentalist and she gives some tips to preserve environment. Do you know one of the best? Switch off the lights before making love. Who knows? Maybe the lights are always off in her place.

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