Today’s post is going to be dedicated to a beautiful and gorgeous Spanish actress. Perhaps so far she’s better known for being Adrien Brody’s fiancé than for her career but she’s a safe bet for the future and is working hard trying to pursue a career in Hollywood. Undoubtedly she’s got everything she needs to become a star. She’s almost flawless: a pretty face and a statuesque body despite she’s only 161 centimetres high. Do you already know who she is? She’s Elsa Pataky.

Elsa Lafuente Medianu, known as Elsa Pataky, was born in Madrid on July 18th 1976 to Cristina and José Francisco. Her mother has Romanian and Hungarian ancestors and Elsa took Pataky as her last name in honor of her grandfather who instilled her her love for acting. Elsa Pataky is not the typical blond bombshell. On the contrary she’s very well prepared because she studied at a drama school in Madrid and journalism at the University although she dropped out when she was cast for the TV series “Al salir de clase” which paved the wave for her film career. In addition to that, Elsa speaks four languages: Spanish, French, English and Romanian. After the success of “Al salir de clase” and some little known movies (“Clara”, “Menos es más” y “Tatawo”) she got the opportunity to star in “El arte de morir” a major film which was an important ticket office hit. Since then Elsa has performed in all kind of films: comedies, dramas, thrillers, horror movies although mainly acting in comedies. In 2003 she appeared in “El furgón”, “Atraco a las 3... y media” and in the horror film “Beyond Re-Animator” and in 2005 she stars in the film “Ninette” directed by José Luis Garci and in the French film “Iznogoud”. Finally in 2006 she gets to land in Hollywood with a small role in the cult thriller “Snakes on a plane” alongside Samuel L. Jackson. In 2007 se worked with Monica Bellucci in “Manual d’amore 2“ and she also worked with Gerard Depardieu, David Beckham and Michael Schumacher in the star-studded film “Asterix aux jeux olympiques”(2007) released in 2008. This is her complete filmography :

2000: “Menos es más”, “El arte de morir”

2003:”Atraco a las 3... y Media”, “El Furgón”, “Beyond Re-Animator”

2004: “Romasanta”, “Tiovivo c. 1950”

2005: “Iznogoud”, “Ninette”, “Robots”

2006: “Snakes on the plane”

2007: “Máncora”, “Santos”, “Manuale d'amore 2”

2008: “Stake or die”, “Asterix aux jeux olympiques”

Apart from acting, the Spanish stunner has also graced the covers of numerous magazines such as GQ, Woman, Marie Claire, In Style and Telva. In 2007 Elsa got involved in a controversy when “Elle” made her some pictures half-naked in an exotic beach. The pictures were pirated by a “paparazzi” and the most daring were published by the Spanish magazine “Interviu”. Her love life has also been quite busy. Elsa was involved in a long relation with Spanish race motorcyclist Fonsi Nieto better known for picking gorgeous girls than for winning races. After putting an end to this love story with Fonsi she started a new relation in 2004 with French comedian Michael Youn who in fact criticized her a lot in many TV programs. Elsa and Michael broke up in 2005 and currently she’s dating long-nosed American actor Adrien Brody (“The pianist”) who she’s reportedly going to marry in the next future. To conclude I’ll leave a slideshow with the best Elsa Pataky’s pictures and a video where you can see her sporting a revealing black lingerie outfit. Best regards.

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