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Best Celebrity Makeup – Look Like Celebrity

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Celebrities are just like you and I, did you realize that? There are many secrets that celebrities have, such as their makeup. Have you ever looked at a celebrity and wondered why they look gorgeous every single day of their life?

Angelina Jolie

We are going to tell you some techniques along with some beauty products that the celebrities are using to make themselves look gorgeous everyday.


When you are looking to get that gorgeous look on the eyes, you should learn the tricks the makeup artists have. Their trick is putting eye shadow primer on the eyelids so that the eye shadow will have something to stick to. Dark green, medium green and light green are great colors to go with this.

Jessica Alba

When looking for a natural look, you could choose dark brown, beige and brown. The light color will be applied to the brow bone, medium to the eyelid and dark will be on the crease. This will make the eyes stand out more.

Jessica Simpson

Celebrities curl their eyelashes to maximize the length, then they dust it with powder to give it a thicker appearance.

Don’t forget the concealers, those are for covering up the blemishes before the foundation is applied, this is one of best celebrity makeup secrets the celebrities have. Many of the celebrities have blemishes but they cover them up, you could do this too.

Have you ever seen a celebrity without makeup on? They probably look just like you with, but you could look like them on their good days.

Megan Fox

The best Celebrity make up ever - Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson, Kate Hudson, Rihanna, Jessica Alba, Heidi Klum, Beyonce, Angelina Jolie.

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