Heidi Klum’s Make Up - Look like Heidi Klum

For those of you out there who are going head over heels over Heidi Klum’s make up and you just can’t seem to get enough of Heidi Klum’s make up, then this article is for you. Everyday someone comes up to us and asks for some Heidi Klum make up and that is why we have decided to write this article.

Heidi Klum is very sexy, there is no denying that and many girls out there want to look like her and wear her make up.

Heidi Klum has lots of shade names that are based on a couple of her favorite things. The collection of Heidi Klum’s make up just screams out her name. You have glitter eye liner, lip gloss, silky eye shadow, blush and perfect lipstick. The glitter eye liner is green with gold glitters, it is very dramatic, but at the same time it is fun as well. This eye liner is cheap, you can find it for $10.00. The lip gloss is creamy with chocolate flavor and you can find it for $14.00. Then you have the Silky eye shadow, which is something that many are after. It is emerald green and gives that smoky eye feel, you can find it for $20.00. As for the blush, it is around $22.00 and comes in peach shades that look fantastic on every girl. Last you have that perfect lipstick that everyone wants, it’s for neutral lips that give a real creamy feeling and you can find it for as little as $14.00.

The Heidi Klum make up is very tasteful, adds a lot of style and the best thing is it is high quality make up for a cheap price.

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