Glamorous Makeup Trends 2009

Glamorous Makeup Trends 2009

Dita Von Teese Glamorous Make Up Trends 2009

Make up can make you look like a lot of things. If you play the game right and choose the right type of makeup, then it can be glamorous make up. With just a little bit of color added to your face, you can have that glamorous look – the look that celebrities have.

Angleina Jolie and Brad Pitt Glam Trends 2009

If you are thinking about having that runway look, then make sure you blend your foundation in and apply it to not only your face, but your neck as well. If you are less bold, then you should try a tinted moisturizer. The tinted moisturizer will give you a warm look to your skin and don’t forget to put on some matte bronzer to your cheekbones, chin and forehead.

Penelope Cruz Glamorous Make Up Trends 2009

For the eyes, you should try a liquid bronzer that is rose gold. When you put it on, blend it in an upward motion to the eyebrow and temple. This make up should be smooth looking in order to have the glamorous make up appearance.

Scarlett Johansson's Eye Make Up

For the lips, you could apply the color of your choice, with this make up, you may want to try the nude, but moist lips. If you want to try bright red, then feel free to try it out, chances are that will look great on you as well.
It seems the red lip pouty look is starting to grow and many celebrities are starting to do it.

Glamorous Makeup Trends 2009

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