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By now you have probably heard that evening make up should be simple. For evening make up, you are free to use the bolder colors with a lot of gloss and sheer. When it comes to your evening make up, you should keep in mind that the type of lighting you are going to be in will make a world of difference. Different light sources are known for presenting us differently. Most places have fluorescent lighting that is really bright. The fluorescent light is a blue tint that makes colors sharper while the incandescent light is either red or yellow light that has a tendency to soften up colors. Therefore, you should apply your evening make up according to where you will be going and what type of light you will be in.

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In the fluorescent light, individuals that have blue eyes are going to look redder, while those individuals who have yellow eyes will have a greenish or yellowish ting to them. Photographers generally use red-toned incandescent lights that are warm when they are taking pictures because it hides the flaws and imperfections.

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For areas such as nightclubs and dancing clubs, people use a lot of make up and there is not much lighting so it is fine. The theatre artists wear a lot of evening make up so when light hits their faces it is visible. If we are under the same type of lighting, both day and night then we would not have to change our make up, but then life would be boring without those changes.

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