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Celebrity Permanent Make Up and Tatoos

Mary Ann Mobley Permanent Make Up

In the celebrity world, you may not be able to figure out which celebrity has permanent make up, but some of them do. It seems that celebrity permanent make up is something that many individuals have been getting. Celebrities look at celebrity permanent make up as a convenience to them. With the permanent make up, they will not have to visit the make up artist as much and sit there for an hour while they are waiting to get their make up done.

Georgette Mosbacher

James Brown Permanent Make Up

Because of celebrity permanent make up, anyone can have eyebrows, lip coloring and eyeliner twenty four hours a day, seven days a week without having to worry about re applying it. With the permanent make up, you can even get an illusion of hair where no hair is found. For instance, look at Georgette Mosbacher, Donald Trump, James Brown and don’t forget about former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley.

Donald Trump Illusion Of Hair

The permanent make up artists in Hollywood have had an increase in clients within the past couple of years. Among them they have celebrities, federal judges, politicians, professionals, athletes, movie stars, singers and anchor women. Permanent make up has been popular in Europe and Asia for many years now and made its way into the United States about fifteen years ago. The permanent make up can be done in a couple of hours. This is when the artist will be implanting color pigments into the skin. You could think of celebrity permanent make up like a tattoo. Can you recognize celebrity permanent make up?

David Beckham Tattoo

Christina Ricci Tattoo

Rihanna Tattoo

Megan Fox Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Tattoo

Victoria Beckham Tattoo

Tiffani Amber Tattoo

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